Location: Kaimana Beach Park, Honolulu Hawaii

Description of experience: I finished class and had a few hours before work. I knew I had to study for my upcoming exams, but I was so tired of sitting in the library. So, I took my Connect, threw on my bikini, and drove down to the beach. After setting up in between three palm trees, I opened my book and divulged my mind into the world of finance.

It was pretty hot that day, so nothing was better than being able to walk across the sidewalk and jump into the
Pacific Ocean. Why spend your time inside, when you can simply Elevate the Outdoors?

Travel links: By car, Drive up Kapahulu toward Waikiki. Turn left on Kalakawa. Dive until Kaimana Beach Park

Utilities: Street parking gets difficult to find after 5pm. Toilets; ocean; bring water and food.

Suggestions: It’s a lovely place to relax by the beach! Highly recommended.