How do Tentsile perform in sub zero temperatures? The answer is, really well!  This article invites you to share your experiences and teach others the tricks you invented to stay warm and toasty with your Tentsile tree tent. The Stingray has been tried and tested over extended periods of time in extreme weather but most noticeably by, Timo Kukko, an arctic explorer with over 30 years experience and head of Finland’s National Parks!  Timo had the great idea to suspend his Stingray 6 inches above the snow so that when he lay down, his back would impact just 1 inch of snow under him and form a wind shield! We also have a solution that you could try.  If you attached a Trillium to the same straps as your tent, the floor then become as double layer within which you can slip clothes, blankets or air mattresses and keep the cold air off your back. Simple and very effective!