We invite you all to come and join us for 3 days of fun and frolics in the trees. Bring your own Tentsile, rent one of ours, or purchase one for 20% off. It doesn’t matter. We just want you to come, share your story, sleep in the trees and simply hang out. And remember, for every ticket sold we will plant three trees, and you will be making your contribution to #BecomeOfOneTheMillion – a million trees planted, a million people in the trees.

The USA Tentsile Camp Out will be held at Cooks Valley Campground in Piercy, California, July 7th through July 9th. Activities will include SUP, kayaking, hiking, yoga, slacklining, tree climbing, music, food, bonfires (weather permitting), general merriment with members of the Tentsile Team and of course, sleeping in trees! For more information, contact usacampout@tentsile.com. or go to link and book it: tinyurl.com/llp7edq

Image by: Travis Burke Photography.