We are always improving. Always. Each batch of tents is better than the last. Small tweaks here, a little bit more skill there; we strive to make the best quality tents in the world – not just the best tree tents. Because are tents are structural (unlike any other) the thread we use is stronger, the materials we have used is thicker and the layers we seam together are sometimes up to 5 deep! In the beginning, our experienced tent machinists did not know how to cope with this. Luckily, they are fast learners and now, one year after opening our own factory, we can gladly say that 98% of the wrinkl s have been ironed out. But will we stop there? No way! We will always push the frontiers of what we can imagine and what our machinists can achieve. Keeping Tentsile products in continued forward progress is what we love to do most, so we will never stop!