Namanock Island is located in the middle of the Delaware River, between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  There are 4 primitive sites located on the west banks of this island that are maintained by the National Park Service.Always Clean, very spacious, great views… If you have neighbors, the island is large enough for all. Sites 2 and 3 are much better suited for 2-3 people and hammock camping, but can handle tents. Site 4 is the second largest on the island and is situated at the end of the island and a little more secluded from the others, in my opinion 4 is a great site for a family or group of 3-6. All the sites have primitive fire pits with natural rock rings and its no facilities. Bring your solution for natures calling and remember that you are on an island in the middle of the river where history helped shape our country almost 300 years ago and you will have an amazing night. Study up on the history of the area prior and share it fireside no need to make up a ghost story here..