On the morning of Saturday, January 14, our scout troop drove to Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania all the way from Pickerington, Ohio for a winter camping trip. It was about a three hour drive, not counting pitstops. When we arrived, there was a cold drizzle of rain as we began our hike into camp. It was a short one mile trek to our campsite, which included about five lean-to shelters. We spent the evening setting up gear and making fires before dinner. There was a dense fog all around us, which made anything 10 feet in front of us barely visible. It got worse as the night went on. I neglected to sleep in the lean-to, as I was very eager to use my brand new Flite tent. I stayed very toasty in the tent with my Skypad underneath me and the rainfly tied up to keep insulation. Even though the product lists as only a 3-season tent, I can highly recommend it for year round camping. Yet another amazing camping experience with Tentsile. Can’t wait for the next!